ABOUT you...

 Do you believe that you should go outside more, move more, eat more healthily, breathe and just spend some quiet time surrounded by natural elements?

Are you convinced that being closer to nature is good for you, even though you're struggling to make that happen in your life?

Then you're in good company! I am a big advocate of living more naturally in order to reconnect with our lives, with ourselves. I believe this helps us expressing our creativity, thinking positively, acknowledging our dreams and reaching our goals...

I believe that (re)connecting with nature helps us to live free and be happy!

And if you want the long story about me, please read below...

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Hiya, my name is Sophie...

... and I am on a mission:

helping people just like you to live free and be happy, just as I do!


I do that with a twist though… I believe that living in harmony with nature feeds this thirst of both freedom and happiness in our lives.

Some of you may already know me for my work through Green Shoots Collective. You see, I’m an environmentalist at heart; I am in awe of the beauty of the natural world and I want to help protect it. I am also convinced that getting more connected with nature helps us being happier and feeling free. It’s not just me saying that: connecting with nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and leads to many health benefits. There is a lot of proper scientific research on the subject.

I also came to discover first hand the positives nature can bring in our lives. You see, a few years ago, I had a bit of a psychological wobble (a “spiritual awakening”, in the words of Brene Brown’s therapist!). Bit by bit, I went down… and down… I became depressed without realising it, or at least not acknowledging it. And when I thought I had reached the bottom, I started digging deeper. At the end, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and moderate to severe depression.

Then started the slow recovery process. I was very well taken care of by the NHS (my GP and the Mental Health team). In addition I decided to take an active part in getting better. The thing that really worked for me and helped me rebuild myself was to get outdoor again, a bit more every week – from just sitting 5 minutes outside with my cup of tea in the morning to taking a walk on the sea front, to starting cycling again. This is when I started to be interested in the effect of nature on our wellbeing… and when I got convinced that we could all benefit from being more connected with the natural world, more surrounded by it.

In parallel, I rediscovered one thing that was making me feel alive again: traveling, exploring the world, meeting new people and admiring new landscapes. I learned about neuroplasticity and positive psychology. I worked a lot on my mindset – and that’s an on-going process. Bit by bit, also helped by comments more and more insistent from friends, I started to notice my need for being able to roam free: to travel where and when I want, to work from where and when I want, to rest as much as needed. I know that for many it does sound like a dream or a tantrum from a spoiled brat… but I decided to make that lifestyle my reality.

That’s when I decided to take control of my life, to live free and be happy, naturally!

At this stage, I should declare that I don't advocate living recluse in the woods, using a compost toilet, wearing a hemp shirt and washing occasionally in the nearby lake. Nothing wrong with that if that's your thing, but I believe that being 'green' can be sexy, fun... and definitely in line with our the 21st century aspirations.

Now I help people follow the same tracks. I support people who feel disconnected reconnect with themselves, their dreams, their environment and their lives in order to live free and be happy.

I believe everyone can lead this natural positive lifestyle

– that  means YOU too, if you wish so!

Sophie xxx